Newnorth Print – Turning bad news into good business

Turning Bad News into Good Business

When wholesale paper prices were increased across the board, Newnorth Print had to pass the increase on to their customers. A well-crafted email supported by social media posts, a blog and email footers resulted in an extra £31,000 of business to beat the price increase.


Newnorth Print are a well-established commercial printing company based in Bedford. Over their years in business, Newnorth have built good working relationships with a variety of customers. They are always looking to put the needs of their customers first.

The Challenge

When all the major European paper mills announced they were increasing wholesale paper prices, Newnorth Print were faced with a dilemma: they knew they would need to pass these increases on to their customers but were concerned about how the news would affect their existing customer relationships and impact on their business. They needed to impart the news without upsetting their customers. And it needed to be done quickly as the price increases were only two weeks away.

The Solution

Newnorth Print turned to Enterprise Marketing Solutions for advice and assistance. The solution was to create a customer communication campaign, highlighting the reason behind the price increase and offering customers a 5% discount on all print orders placed before a set date.

A carefully worded email was written for account managers to personalise and send to their existing customers. This email provided both the bad news about the price increase (with links to the relevant news stories for added credibility) and the good news regarding the promotional offer. It also included an enticing subject line so the email was opened and read.

To support these emails, additional marketing collateral was created to provide extra touchpoints for Newnorth’s customers. This material included:

  • A blog on the Newnorth website explaining the price increase and making the offer
  • A link to the blog from the website home page
  • A newsflash in the email footer for all Newnorth employees
  • A series of social media posts through LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pointing to the blog post and promoting the offer.

By communicating effectively with their customers to explain a ‘bad’ situation early and ‘softening the blow’ through the offer of a time limited discount, Newnorth Print generated an additional £31,000 of work for a minimal outlay. This was a return on investment of over 5,000%!

Customer relationships were also enhance because of the clear and open communications.

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“Telling customers you’re putting your prices up is never going to be a popular message. However, with Enterprise Marketing’s help we have managed to communicate this openly to our customers, giving them the opportunity to beat the price increase and ultimately improved our customer relationships.”
David Hennessey, Director, Newnorth Print.

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