Market Research

Insight into who your customers are and how to find them

Market research will provide you with valuable insight into your customers, your competitors, and how your business is viewed in the marketplace.

Whenever you need:

  • Customer feedback on a new product or service
  • Opinions on a new company or product name prior to change / launch
  • To understand the market place before you enter it
  • To clarify what you are doing differently to your competitors
  • To grasp the customer journey – is their actual journey different to what you think it should be?
  • Gap Analysis – which services or products are certain customers using and which other services or products are relevant to them, that they are unaware of?

Enterprise Marketing can help you collect and interpret the data which will then shape your marketing strategy and help you fine tune your marketing activity.

How Can We Help With Your Market Research?

There are many forms of market research and before we begin we’ll look at your business objectives to ensure the information we gather can be used effectively to help you achieve these goals. This could include a single market research project or a combination of different projects to establish a more complete picture of your business.

Secondary research, also know as desk research, is one of the most cost effective ways of gathering information. Utilising existing information, we research competitors in your market and gain insights into current market trends.

Primary research is where we gain fresh information and opinions directly from the market. This can take the form of surveys, questionnaires, focus groups, and mystery shopping to understand the actual customer experience.

For examples of some of the projects we have completed in the past, please visit our market research portfolio page or read our Case Study “Providing Clarity and Focus Through Market Research“.


If you’re ready to discover everything you need to know about your marketplace and how to approach it, contact us today.

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