Market Research Portfolio

Market Research

Market research informs all your future marketing. It can tell you what people are buying and how they buy your products or services; it can furnish competitor insight so that you can stand out and be different; and it can give you valuable information to direct future marketing. In our Market Research Portfolio below you can see some of the market research projects we have undertaken for our clients.

Desk research

Desk research for a local training provider to identify competitors, pricing and course offerings.


Questionnaires for an apprenticeship provider to identify companies awareness of the apprenticeship offering and whether or not they would use it.

Mystery shopping

Mystery shopper for training business to clarify a different approach to a competitor.


Survey Monkey survey for a vaccines manufacturer to identify demand for training courses.

Direct mail

Direct mailing for a charity to identify the preferred fund raising events for donors to support.

Focus Groups

Focus Groups for an apprenticeship provider to understand employers’ issues and, in turn, inform the marketing messaging.

Competitor research

Competitor research for a warehousing company to understand their competitors and so help to differentiate themselves in the local market place.

Telephone interviews

Telephone interviews with clients of a training business to understand what they ‘bought’ and thus help clarify market positioning and key messaging.

Client Services Matrix

Client Services Matrix for a local NHS division to identify the products and services that were not currently being bought by existing clients. This enabled targeted promotional activity to ‘cross-sell’ those clients.

Profiling customers

Customer Profiling to identify the more profitable customers to inform marketing to similar sectors to find ‘more of the same’.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives understanding of where traffic is coming from and what visitors do once they are on a website. This information helps to inform future marketing focus.

Keyword research

Keyword research to help identify the most relevant words for digital marketing initiatives to position the website nearer the top of search engine results.

When you need market research to inform your marketing decisions, contact us on 01296 910131 or email us through our Contact Form.

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