Creating a White Paper as a Lead Generation Tool

When SeeLogic Ltd needed a White Paper on GDPR and CRM systems to use as a lead generator they approached Enterprise Marketing Solutions.


SeeLogic is an independent CRM, ERP, and Cloud Technologies specialist. The company advises small and medium sized enterprises on the best CRM solutions for them.

Debbie Scott, Marketing Manager at SeeLogic, approached Enterprise Marketing Solutions (EMS) to create a White Paper addressing the issues of GDPR and how they relate to CRM systems.

The Situation

Upcoming GDPR legislation will require companies to ensure any personal data they hold is held with permission, and held securely. As many companies use a CRM system to store data about their prospects, suppliers, customers and staff, this area needs to be made ready before the legislation comes into force in May 2018.

SeeLogic wanted a White Paper to meet a number of objectives:

  1. Introduce GDPR to those who had not heard about it yet
  2. Explain how a CRM system can help and what to look for from any existing CRM system to ensure compliance
  3. Generate leads for SeeLogic from people who may be interested in a compliant CRM
  4. Answer existing clients’ questions on how GDPR will affect them and their systems.

Action taken

Initially EMS took a consulting role advising on the best ways to elicit GDPR questions from existing clients, and advised on a lead generating ‘mini’ campaign around it to promote and encourage downloads.

An email was sent to all existing clients asking for their GDPR questions. These were then included with other key questions for White Paper to address.

To produce the White Paper, thorough research on GDPR was undertaken to determine what it will mean and what needs to be done in preparation. The area of CRM systems was also researched to discover which companies are already taking action to prepare, and what they are doing.

Once all the research was complete and the questions had been collected, an informative and useful White Paper was written addressing all the areas in the brief.

A graphic designer was engaged to lay out the copy with images and graphic embellishments to create a professional looking document that answered GDPR questions and encouraged the use of CRM systems to help with implementation.


SeeLogic now have a professional looking lead generation piece that will continue working for them until GDPR becomes law in May 2018. The White Paper had been downloaded 24 times by interested prospects within the first two weeks following publication.

“Enterprise Marketing Solutions provided me with sound marketing advice and consultancy. They were able to turn work around really quickly to help us meet our deadlines plus they were patient with numerous final amends. We are really pleased with the finished result.”
Debbie Scott, Marketing Manager, SeeLogic Ltd.

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