Creating a magazine from scratch

Vistage UK wanted to publish an informative magazine for their members. This required in-depth research, conducting interviews, writing articles and design work. The final magazine was very positively received by their membership.

Client Background

Vistage International is a coaching and support organisation for company CEOs and business leaders with over 1000 members in the UK.

The Challenge

Vistage UK produces a quarterly publication for their members called VQ. Each issue focuses on a single topic and requires thorough research, interviewing of Vistage members, and writing up of articles.

The previous issue on Wellbeing had run into problems and Enterprise Marketing had been called in, at very short notice, to complete the project. Because of the excellent work on Wellbeing, EMS was asked to take on the next VQ on The Internet of Things (IoT).

Very few Vistage members are actively working within the IoT arena, so several other industry experts were needed to contribute.

It was also requested that this VQ was to have a ‘magazine’ look and feel rather than the previous ‘white paper’ presentation.

The Solution

EMS found several industry spokesmen and arranged and conducted in-depth interviews with them. At the same time, the in-house copywriter researched the subject thoroughly using books, the Internet and by contacting companies in the IoT sector. She pulled all the information together and wrote 11 detailed articles and 10 smaller sidebar pieces.

Enterprise Marketing Solutions also sourced a specialist designer who created the layout, graphic embellishments and bespoke images.

As part of the project, the final magazine layouts were proofread and corrected as necessary until 100% ready to print. The final version of the VQ was then printed and dispatched to the client.


The magazine was a resounding success and very positively received by both Vistage Chairs and Members.

“I know from my experience that something this professional doesn’t ‘just happen’. The new look and content will be valuable to my members. My congratulations to whoever it was who was involved in making this. Impressive. Very impressive.”

Vistage Chair, Vistage UK

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