FMCentral Case Study

Identifying a Gap and Launching a Dedicated Forum for FM Professionals   

With several networking events for the Facilities Management industry in London, and a large event in Manchester, there was a definite gap in the Midlands for an FM forum. Partners, Enterprise Marketing Solutions Ltd and Spaghetti Junction decided to create the bi-monthly event.


The Facilities Management sector equates to £36 billion of GDP (source: Business Services Association) and Bucks was one of the key counties to help pull the UK out of recession. It seemed strange that there was no forum in this area for FM professionals to learn of topics affecting their industry, meet and discuss them, or simply network. This was a missed opportunity.

The Issue

Having been a member of the Building Futures Group before it closed in January 2016, we were aware of several networking events for the FM sector in London and one large event in Manchester. With so many companies in the South Central region (Beds, Bucks, Herts, Oxfordshire and South Northamptonshire) either serving, or in the FM sector, a dedicated FM forum in this area would surely be welcomed?

Launching a Forum

Partnering with Spaghetti Junction’s Joint Managing Directors, Sarah Bentley and Gavin Deane, Enterprise Marketing Solutions created the branding and marketing materials to launch the event successfully on 9th November 2016 at the University of Buckingham.

Each event is hosted at a different and ‘challenging’ facilities management location, around the South Central area, giving the host venue the opportunity to explain their challenges and solutions. Each event also tackles a different topic relating to, or impacting upon, the industry. Both approaches have received very positive feedback.  


Those who attend agree it is a needed resource and one that is steadily growing as people hear about it. It also helps to position Spaghetti Junction as the training adviser of choice, and Enterprise Marketing as the marketing agency of choice for the sector.

“When Karen presented me with an idea, I didn’t realise it would define my business and the subsequent partnership we have created.”
Sarah Bentley, Founder and Director, Spaghetti Junction.

The FMCentral Team - Sarah Bentley, Karen Moule, Gavin Deane
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