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27th March 2017
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Copywriting to Land More Business

“Yes, I’d like to place the order”

Aren’t those the magic words we all want to hear? But are you hearing them often enough?

We all know the client’s buying process has changed since the advent of the Internet. Prospects seek out information and answers to their problems well in advance of contacting a potential supplier.

Has your marketing changed to ensure they find their answers from you? Have you considered the impact effective copywriting could have on your business?

Some of the first questions to ask include:

Website – is your website presenting your business as experts who know what you’re talking about? Is it selling your services by explaining the benefits? Does it answer your prospects’ most frequently asked questions (and even some of the more unusual ones!)?

White Papers – for innovative, technical or high capex products and services, White Papers form a crucial part of the sales cycle giving key decision makers the details they need. Do you have White Papers that add value to your prospects, helping them make the right decision?

Case Studies – Are you showcasing your successful past projects to highlight the reasons your business is the right choice?

Blog articles – Publishing regular, relevant content on the web will help position you as a thought leader in your industry. Do you have a blog schedule and if so, are you keeping to it? Do your blogs contain information that is relevant to your target market?

If your potential clients can’t easily find the answers to their questions, you’re unlikely to make their shortlist and your salespeople won’t have any opportunity to win that business.

How Can Copywriting Help?
There are many ways effective copywriting can help improve your business:

Position yourself (or your company) as an authority
Speaking knowledgeably about the industry you work in, providing answers to the pertinent questions, and even giving your opinion on key issues, will automatically position you/your company as an authoritative figure within your field. And, given a choice, most people will place their trust in authority.

Create a good first impression
First impressions count! If you make the first steps of the decision-making process difficult, your prospects will think twice about dealing with you. By demonstrating to potential customers that you’ll provide them with all the information they need to make an informed decision, you’ll be making their life as easy as possible.

Communicate effectively with your target audience
If your content doesn’t communicate clearly and effectively to the target market, in a language they understand, they are less likely to investigate further. For example, including lots of technical information on a document aimed at “the general public” will only add to their confusion, creating more questions than answers.

Portray your business personality
People buy from people, they like to build a relationship. If you’re a friendly, helpful and approachable business this needs to come across throughout your copy. This will act as reassurance to your prospects that they can expect the same levels of friendliness, helpfulness and approachability when they deal with you.

Provide a clear call to action
Having provided the answers to their questions and reassured them that you’re the right business to deal with, your copy needs to give your prospects a compelling reason to take the next step. Make it clear and simple.

If you’d like to hear the words “Yes, I’d like to place the order” more often but don’t want the stress of creating content, simply contact us today.

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