Cheaper Cartridge Case Study

Direct Mail Campaign Gets 10% Response

When Cheaper Cartridge wanted to conduct a Direct Mail campaign, Enterprise Marketing Solutions (EMS) were asked to write a sales letter to generate a positive response from the recipients

Client Background
Cheaper Cartridge source unbranded printer cartridges at very competitive prices. Richard White, Managing Director of Cheaper Cartridge, wanted to send out a direct mail letter introducing the business and promoting his cost-saving service.

The Issue
Richard’s plan was to send out a prospecting letter to potential customers, then follow up with a phone call.

He approached Enterprise Marketing Solutions to draft the prospecting letter. The intention for the letter was two-fold: get the phone to ring if possible; and make an impression so when Richard made the follow-up calls, they would remember the letter and feel as if they already knew the company.

To make the letter stand out and get attention, a small bag of popping candy was to be stapled to the top corner. The letter would then refer to the candy and ‘sweetening’ business.

As Enterprise Marketing are also customers of Cheaper Cartridge, they were able to write a powerful testimonial for the company which was included in the letter. Using copywriting sales skills, the letter was drafted concluding with a strong call to action to encourage readers to telephone if they had an immediate need.

Over a period of eight weeks, Cheaper Cartridge sent out 120 letters and made follow-up calls to the recipients.

Five companies called in before the follow-up call to find out more about how they can save on their printer cartridges. This was a 4% response rate.

Following the calls, Cheaper Cartridge acquired 13 new customers, a better than a 10% response rate.


Direct mail case study

“I’m really happy, 10% is a great return. The letter works really well, thank you so much.”

Richard White, Managing Director, Cheaper Cartridge.

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