Branding or Rebranding Your Business

Your branding is how your company is perceived by others. It encompasses your business name, your values, your ethics and your image. Good branding is so much more than your logo.

What we do when asked to brand or rebrand a business

Firstly, we need to understand your business and what you stand for so we’ll start out by talking to you, asking lots of questions, and really listening to the answers. You might want to consider whether you want to appear ultra-modern and up-to-date, or you may prefer to be seen as solid, long-lasting and dependable. For example, a brand new, technology business will want to have a totally different brand identity to a long-established solicitors’ practice.

We also discuss colours with you – different colours give different subliminal messages to those seeing the colours in your logo or your livery.

Should you need a new strapline, we’ll get the team together for a brain-storming session and come up with something to fit the bill.

Once we fully understand the message you want your brand to convey, we can brief a designer to create new logo concepts and a new image for your business. And we liaise with you at every step to make sure you are completely happy with the end result.

See our Branding Portfolio page for examples of branding exercises we have conducted in the past. And when you’re ready for a rebrand, or if you’re a new company in need of a presence in the marketplace, contact us to discuss your project further.

Latest Branding Articles

10th May 2017

When you don’t have £60K to spend on updating your brand identity

Your brand identity represents you to the world, your logo will be on every piece of printed and digital material for the foreseeable future. So you will need to carefully consider who you are going to ask to handle this vitally important piece of work.

This recent brand identity update story caught my eye – mainly for the price tag. You don’t need to pay London agency prices to get London agency quality of work (or better).

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