Market Research Case Study – Bucks New University

Understanding What Influences the Decision Making of Students Wishing to Attend University

A Buckinghamshire based university needed hard evidence to determine the student and parent motivation behind selecting a university. They turned to Enterprise Marketing to conduct market research and deliver insightful results. This is the market research Case Study outlining what was done and the results of the research.

Client Background

Bucks New University is a Buckinghamshire based university specialising in health and cultural arts. It caters for undergraduate, post graduate and professional students with campuses in Uxbridge and High Wycombe.

The Challenge

To ensure the marketing of the university was as effective as possible, Bucks New University needed to clearly understand the factors affecting students’ and parents’ decision making processes when choosing a new university.

Julia Weston, Assistant Director Brand and Marketing, contacted Enterprise Marketing Solutions to discuss the project.

The Solution

Market research was clearly needed. Two questionnaires were developed, one version for the prospective students and one for their parents or other carers. A team of researchers from Enterprise Marketing attended Open Days at both campuses gathering responses from as many attendees as possible.

The data was then analysed to produce evidence-based results detailing the findings.


As a result of this analysis and the follow-up presentation of the results, Bucks New University now has a much clearer idea of what influences the decision making of students thinking of coming to the University. This has enabled them to target their marketing efforts more effectively.

“I was really happy with the approach. It has given us much needed insight, particularly into the very different approaches we need to take to both campuses. The organisation was very good and you managed very well considering the delays in getting initial sign off to you!  You fitted in well at the events and, if anything, added to the buzz for the visitors. I was particularly impressed with the quality of the report and the detailed analysis which has helped with our recommendations.”

Julia Weston, Assistant Director, Brand and Marketing, Buckinghamshire New University

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