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White Papers – the King of Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the best ways to get clients to come to you. Using White Papers as content to share with your prospects positions you as an authority in your field and helps to build trust with your readers… Read more here

Mind Your Language

Poor grammar, typos and an aggressive tone of voice will alienate many of your readers. What can you do if your command of English is not so hot? Read more here

Copywriting to Land More Business

These days business buyers do a lot of research on the Internet before approaching prospective vendors so it is vital to give them the answers and information they need. Find out how you can use content marketing and copywriting to land more business. Read more here

Marketing Strategy

Surviving and Thriving in Difficult Times

There’s a lot being reported in the news every day to unsettle businesses throughout the UK – a hung Parliament which may not be able to achieve anything; Brexit negotiations that may or may not be good for your business; terrorist attacks that make everyone feel nervous and on edge. And through all of this, you’re trying to run a business. Read more here

What’s Your Capacity? And Why You Need to Know

Knowing your business capacity helps you plan your workload and your marketing activity. That, in turn, will help relieve the small business feast and famine roller coaster of too much work one month and too little the following month. Read more here

Market Research

Losing Clients? Stem the Flow

We all know we need to keep the pipeline of new enquiries full, but do you realise how much business you are losing by not hanging on to your existing customers? Finding out why they are leaving will help you stem the flow. Read more here

How Digging Reveals Opportunity Treasure

Businesses are all too often caught up in day-to-day operations, ensuring existing customers and enquiries are dealt with effectively and not thinking too far into the future. But what happens when the enquiries stop coming in? Do you know why – is it because the industry has moved on? Read more here


When You Don’t Have £60k to Spend Updating Your Brand Identity

Your brand identity represents you to the world, your logo will be on every piece of printed and digital material for the foreseeable future. So you will need to carefully consider who you are going to ask to handle this vitally important piece of work… Read more here

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