Advertising Portfolio


From simple print adverts to 48-sheet promotions or hoarding graphics, we can design, create and place your advertisements and advise you of the best sites for your promotions.

UCAV - External Hoarding

While the new University Campus Aylesbury Vale was being built, the hoarding around the site was used to let the locality know what was being built. This raised awareness among local people and visitors to the town.

Aylesbury Vale Business Show 48-Sheet

To promote the local Aylesbury Vale Business Show we designed and placed a 48-sheet billboard advertisement positioned on the side of the main town centre car park in full view of any motorist travelling through the town centre.

Chilfest 48-Sheet

Following loss-making years, Chilfest needed to get the message out more widely. Again, a 48-sheet billboard advertisement on the main town centre car park spread the message far and wide.

University Campus Aylesbury Vale 48-Sheet

Another 48-sheet billboard, this time to inform the locality of the new University Campus Aylesbury Vale facility opening in the town. The billboard attracted both students and business interests.

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