Marketing Strategy

Is Your Marketing Getting You the Results You Want?

Does your business:

  • Lack direction?
  • Lack focus on what’s important (growing profit)?
  • Suffer from ad hoc ‘knee jerk’ reactions to a sales slow down?
  • Lose clients through lack of communication?
  • Experience general confusion among customers re: what you stand for?

Then you probably don’t have a strategic marketing plan in place.

From client feedback, we know that Enterprise Marketing Solutions Ltd has a better approach to marketing.

We can:

  • Help you to get really focused on what you need to achieve, so you can look forward to your desired outcomes
  • Clarify who your ideal clients are so you can focus on the profitable ones
  • Understand which of your products / services are the most profitable and ensure you are optimising sales to your ideal customers
  • Identify which geographical areas to focus your attention on
  • Discuss whether seasonality is an influential factor on sales and customers, and what can be done to minimise peaks and troughs.

From here we identify the ideal messages that make your customers buy.

The subsequent 12 month Action Plan identifies the most appropriate marketing activity for your business, at the most appropriate time, working within your budget.

“If you want your marketing to happen, and you’re prepared to be managed to make it happen, work with Karen and her team.”
Ian Harper, General Manager, University Campus Aylesbury Vale

 Once you start to implement your Action Plan, you will notice:

  • Your marketing is happening consistently
  • You are generating sales and profits
  • You are attracting the right attention
  • Your business is being presented properly

In addition:

  • You’re no longer stressed and neither are your team
  • There are no last minute rushes – just calm, controlled and income-generating

Find Out More

Call Karen Moule now on 01296 737823 to arrange your no obligation ‘first contact’ meeting to discuss how you can have your own cost-effective, results-driven marketing strategy and start growing your business immediately.

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