Manufacturing companies tend to be run by engineers who love solving problems and making things work but are not so good at self-promotion. Often manufacturers don’t see what they make as particularly glamorous or significant. The reality is that they are (to us) and need to be to attract your customers.

Over the last 10 years we’ve been through a recession that has reshaped many industry landscapes. The way people purchase has changed, not only in the domestic consumer space, but also in the B2B space. More and more those involved in the buying process have already researched and shortlisted products before a sales person is even aware that a customer is looking to buy. Do you know how to engage with ‘window shopping’ buyers?

The manufacturing industry always seems to have a struggle on its hands, whether economically, from foreign competitors, the state of the pound or shifting trends generally.

As a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, we have access to a wealth of research on different industries to inform our strategic marketing advice. With this insight, and our understanding of the manufacturer mindset, shouldn’t you give your products the best opportunity to make them stand out in a competitive market?


Case Study 1 – SCHURTER / Danielson Ltd

Background: Danielson Ltd were a UK based touchscreen manufacturer considered to be the leading European provider and manufacturer of touchscreens. Owned by a Dutch company most of their business was supplying European orders and they were virtually unknown in the UK. The parent company was taken over by Swiss company SCHURTER and each regional territory then had to organise their own marketing.

Marketing Objective: To raise the profile of the company amongst electronic engineers in the UK and to generate sales from the UK marketplace.

What EMS did:

  • Created a marketing strategy.
  • PR campaign to raise awareness via industry media.
  • Case studies and news items for PR purposes.
  • Arranged sponsorship of the annual British Electronic Engineering Association awards.
  • Designed and printed banners for exhibitions.
  • Created and placed advertisements in trade press.
  • Helped plan exhibition stand for the Electronics Design Show.
  • Encouraged the company to enter the local Bucks Business First awards where they won two awards raising their profile locally with local media coverage.


The company is now much better known in the UK. In a very competitive market the turnover has increased with more orders coming from the UK. Having recently adopted the parent company name and become SCHURTER Electronics they are in an even stronger position going forwards.

 “The marketing strategy and implementation provided by Enterprise Marketing has helped boost Danielson’s position within the UK electronic engineering industry. We were delighted to have our commitment to high standards and cutting edge technology recognised at the Buckinghamshire Business Awards and will continue to offer “The Touch of Excellence” as the company grows”.

Andy Stevens, Deputy Managing Director, SCHURTER Electronics Ltd.


Case Study 2 – Newnorth Print Ltd

Background: This print company is known for litho printing but offers many more print production options. They wanted to increase their turnover, retain clients and ensure their services were profitable.

Marketing Objectives:

  • To understand what existing clients knew about the company’s offerings and how they regarded the company as a supplier, why they chose them and why they continue to use them.
  • To know where the print industry is heading and how that might impact decisions in the future.
  • To understand how employees felt about the company now and what their perceptions are about their clients and the company’s plans for the future.
  • To understand what competitors were doing and how Newnorth could position themselves differently to stand out in the market place.
  • To understand the customer journey for new clients and highlight if and where improvements could be made.

What EMS did:

  • Created questionnaires and conducted telephone interviews with existing clients to find out their thoughts.
  • Desk research on the print industry as a whole.
  • Competitor research to discover what the competition is doing and how they are positioned.
  • Mystery shopped to identify new customer journey.
  • Conducted extensive competitor research on agreed criteria for comparison.
  • Created a thorough report detailing all the findings.


All of the market research provided the insight upon which the marketing strategy was then based to achieve the results planned. It provided some surprises, highlighted some known areas for attention, and most importantly, we clarified how Newnorth will be positioned differently going forwards.


Case Study 3 – Advanced Plastic Technology Ltd

Background: This plastics manufacturer wanted to generate more enquiries from its website and portray a more up-to-date look and feel to the website.

Marketing Objective: Create a new website with an up-to-date design, ability to work for existing and new clients, retain the ability of enquirers to upload a wide variety of file formats, and retain search engine positioning.

What EMS did:

  • Designed and created a new website with CMS system for ease of updating.
  • Copywriting of website.
  • Forwarded all original pages to their new equivalent pages to maintain search engine positioning.
  • On-going SEO work to improve rankings for key search terms.


  • New site delivered to client satisfaction.
  • After 2 months activity the site appears on page 1 of Google searches for 5 relevant keyword phrases and on page 2 of Google for 5 further relevant keyword phrases.
  • Organic search visitors to the website have increased by 70% over 2 months.



Below is a list of some of the manufacturers we have worked with and the work we did for them.

Advanced Plastic Technology – Plastics manufacturer. To create a more enquiry-generating website and case studies that sold how efficient and reliable they were to work with.

Alpen Windows – Positioning this windows, doors and conservatories business as the ‘go to’ business in Luton with improved, enquiry-generating web presence.

Badnams – Providing this portable and quiet field generator business with a professional brand identity and support materials to speak to the US Military about these being used by the US Armed Forces.

British Loose Leaf – Make a selection of loose leaf binders and associated products. Launching the Recycling Guaranteed scheme and supporting sales activity with marketing literature.

Danielson – Makers of touchscreen interfaces. Twelve month marketing strategy to raise the profile of the company in the electronic engineering sector in UK.

E-Tradeway – To give a roadmap to an industrial vending machine distributor to grow the business and attract more business.

Emulate 3D – To demonstrate the expertise of this 3D cgi graphic process emulation business with copywritten case studies.

Lean4Business – To position this Mechanical Engineer with the evidence to position him as the expert that he is, which in turn ensured longer term, higher rate employment.

Lexacom – Strategy to position this electronic dictaphone manufacturer as the market leader with targeted approach to niche markets to grow business.

Mainrock – A strategy to generate new business in a new geographic area, where this interior design and fit out business had spotted a gap in the market.

MTA – Marketing strategy for photgraph album manufacturers, updated branding and website.

Newnorth Print – Market research and twelve month marketing strategy for this printing company.

Pelican Print – a strategic approach to position them more professionally and create a consistent programme marketing the business to clearly identified niches.

Roblin Engineering – Leaflet to promote expertise and creativity for anything that can be created from steel.

SpaceVac – A strategy to grow this gutter vacuuming business’ client base nationwide through dealerships and niche markets.

Timbmet – Promotion of 70th anniversary for this timber importer.