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Karen Moule, Enterprise Marketing SOlutionsI didn’t do A Levels or go to University – I did do work experience. I could see there were a lot of different types of jobs and opportunities for great careers – just couldn’t see a clear path to identify what it was that I was a) good at; b) enjoyed and c) would enable me to earn enough for a decent living. Just as it is for students today, and why I have provided so many marketing work experience placements over the years.

Our careers advisor at school wasn’t a big help, however thankfully, my father recognised that all the time I spent in my room drawing and painting, was all graphic design. Over the years, I had several work placements / work experiences; in the art studio of a massive publishing house designing layouts for magazines like Tunnels and Tunnelling, and Machinery Market; Work at a machine tool company, helping with direct mailing campaigns and being a receptionist; working as a waitress; a bakery shop assistant; garden centre; selling costume jewellery at Dickins & Jones; to name but a few, helped to identify the types of roles and aspects of different roles that I liked and didn’t like.

These days there are so many youngsters who don’t have a clear idea of what they want to do with their lives when they leave school, and identifying what you really don’t like is just as important as identifying what you do. That’s why, over the years, I have enjoyed providing work placements for students. It’s the realisation at the end of their time with us that they have a slightly clearer idea of what sorts of things they like doing all day or not, which in turn helps to hone their career path options further.

At the moment we have had to stop providing work placements, as we can not accommodate them right now. But I trust other employers will offer work placements to students, so they can appreciate the following benefits, that we have:

1. Gain a better knowledge of up and coming trends, particularly in technology and how it’s used by the youth of today, which in turn keeps a business ahead of the curve.

2. Their passion and enthusiasm is welcomed, along with their fresh point of view, different perspective and some great ideas.

3. They are all potential new employees, and their work placement is simply a week-long job interview. Saves a fortune in recruitment fees!

4. It does ‘give back’ to the local community, by helping youngsters find their ideal career path sooner than if they hadn’t undertaken work placements.

5. It is a great story to tell to your customers, suppliers and internal team.

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