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Copywriting is the skill of producing words for any written material used to present your business. It includes advertisements and sales material, and it also includes the company annual return, your social media posts and all the words on your business website.

The way copy is written portrays your brand, the “voice” of your company. Copy needs to be written differently depending on whether it is for a brochure, a website, a direct mailing piece or an advert. Our expertise in this area ensures all your messages are on brand and tailored for each specific purpose.

How Can We Help with your Copywriting?

We take the time to really identify what your key messages are to your customers, so we know what will really ‘speak’ to them and engage them to start a dialogue with you.

For examples of some of the copy we have written in the past, please visit our copywriting portfolio page. Our expertise includes:

  • Advertising leaflets
  • Long form sales pages
  • Website copy
  • Articles
  • In-depth researched magazines
  • Advertisements
  • Newsletter
  • Social media posts

Call us now for all your copywriting needs. Speak to Penny on 07981 448896.

Latest Article

4th July 2017

Mind Your Language!

A couple of weeks ago I received a promotional email from a company I’ve spoken with in the past. The email directed me to their latest blog post.

The title sounded interesting. I thought this could be useful content, so I clicked through.

What greeted me was shocking.

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