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Copywriting to Land More Business

 “Yes, I’d like to place the order” Aren’t those the magic words we all want to hear? But are you hearing them often enough? We all know the client’s buying process has changed since the advent of the Internet. Prospects seek out information and answers to their problems well in advance of contacting a potential […]
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Refresh your website with blog articles

“Content is king” is the mantra broadcast by digital marketers and SEO specialists. Search engines love fresh content on websites as it means the site is being actively updated and staying current. From a search engine perspective this implies the site will be more useful to its visitors. However, as a business owner, you have […]
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Do you want to get your content read?

Written marketing material, whether it’s a brochure, an advertisement, or a website, is completely useless if no-one reads it!  As the headline is the first thing your readers will see, it will determine whether or not the piece is read. It is vital, therefore, that your headline appeals to your ideal client, draws them in, […]
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Are You Making This Mistake With Your Marketing Copy?

Marketing is all about the messages you send out to your prospects and clients. These messages could be in the form of the words on your website, promotional leaflets, adverts, and what you say when you’re in front of people. In this article we’ll look at written copy, and one of the mistakes you could […]
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